The company Juustupoisid OÜ (Cheese Guys) was founded on January 5 2015, but the first experiments to make cheese were carried out in November 2014 already.
Who are these Cheese Guys?
They are two eager young men who have been living their whole life in the countryside and who appreciate the rural charms. This prompted them to set up the company right in the country. Mirek is a cheesemaker / technologist. All cheeses made are Mirek’s creation. Mirek has graduated from the Estonian University of Life Sciences, he specialized in food technology. Kaido is engaged in sale of cheeses and the day-to-day management of the company, as well as assisting in the making of cheeses. At present Kaido is a third-year student of business administration at Lääne-Viru University of Applied Sciences.
How did the Cheese Guys start?
They started to make cheese in a home kitchen in Misso with the permission of Food and Veterinary Office. The first cheeses caused a lot of excitement – for the makers themselves and their friends and acquaintances. During the first experiments, they determined the taste of the cheese. Later they have continually improved the technology in order to provide consumers with the best. The Guys started with the production of 300 g cheese discs, but currently they produce cheese discs with three different sizes: huge 4.5-5 kg.
At present the Guys make pasteurized whole milk cheeses with 9 different seasonings. Cheeses mature in minimum one and a half months. Classical cheese matures in 4-8 months. All cheeses are handmade. This means that in the production of cheese the proportion of craft is very high. The Cheese Guys’ main goal is to enrich the Estonian market with special, handmade, domestic cheeses. The company's mission is to provide customers with special and delicious taste experiences.

Kaido Piiri